Friday, 1 March 2013

I will be back, Malaysia. =)

Oh well, actually I'm quite active these days.
*cheers for me* *champagne* *fireworks*

Okay. enough of that. So yeah.

I'm flying back to Taiwan tomorrow.  

Don't feel like going back. Its like I just came back yesterday, and I'm going back today. Time flies~ 
but isn't it too fast? =(

When I was young, I wish to grow up faster.
When I'm a grown up, I wish to stay young forever. 

We'll never feel satisfied with what we have. Our desire... Our dreams... Our... 
Okay. I'm just crapping. 

Yevon, please remember why you choose to go Taiwan at the first place. 
Where is your determination? Please hold on till the end... until you get what you want. 

Although I miss my family very much, I miss my friends, I miss everything here in Malaysia. 
But life goes on. Tik tok tik tok... 
"Time" is working all the time, "Time" will never wait for you. 
Do everything before it's all too late... and...

do what your heart tells you... 

I don't want to say goodbye... because I know we will meet again... 
I will be back again... in another 4 months...
Remember, time flies? Phew~ 4 months~ =)


Thursday, 28 February 2013

Gathering... (^.^)

Had so much fun today.
Had a really nice talk with my high school friends.

Time flies...
In a blink of an eye, we are all grown up. Everybody has their own life...
Some found their life partner... Some struggling with their school work...
But they never change. They are still the ones that I used to know, still that "sampat 38"...

I'm glad that they were there in my high school memories. They made my life more interesting. Though we had some conflicts at times, but our friend "ship" will never "sink"... xD

I'm scared. One day, I might lose my friends.
I'm worried. One day, they might not remember who am I.

oh well,

Friends come and go, only the true ones stay. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Life has its ups and downs?

Have a sudden urge to blog now.

Hello Bloggie!

Me :           When was the last time we met?
Bloggie :    Hmmmph!!!
Me :           1... 2... 3... 4... 5.... 6....
Bloggie :    *flip table*
Me :           hahaha... 6 months... sorry yeah... xD

Okay! I'm just being... lame here? Why am I talking to myself? Wait. No! I'm talking to my blog. Bla bla bla... =/

Anyways, I created this blog to write down my life in Malaysia and Taiwan. But it seems like, I did not update a single thing.... hmmm...

Sorry, I don't categorize myself as a blogger. Because I don't blog that often? Will drop by when I feel like writing. So I guess... this is the perfect time for me to voice out? Actually I don't have much things to say.... I guess?

After coming back from Taiwan, everything changed? Not everything, but most of it. Have been listening to all kind of stories and dramas. Well, when my friends told me about their life in Taylors. I feel so... empty? Okay. I don't know what is the right word to describe my feeling. Just that... My life is boring? Not that interesting I guess? I thought I'll have lotsa stuffs to tell my friends. How I've been in Taiwan and so on? But... I went speechless. Only cultural shock! That's all I can talk about? @.@

Life has its ups and down. But mine... it's just a straight line. Too peaceful? Not that I hope something dramatic will happen to me. But... Okay. Maybe my life hasn't reach the "ups and downs" part? xD
We'll see... =P

Okay... I don't know what to say about it anymore. So yeah.
... oh btw...

Welcome back Yevon. =)
I'm back, bloggie. xD

Thursday, 23 August 2012

한국 HERE I COME! =)

I know I should be sleeping right now. ><. But my blogging mode = ON, so ended up sitting here updating ma bloggie. XD.

YAY! Going KOREA later. Have to reach airport before 8am... which means I have to take 5.30am sky bus to LCCT. =.=. And... it's 2.30am now. *congrats smiley. ^^* tak perlu tidur sudah... =)

Not following tour trip this time, backpack travel with friends. Its gonna be FUN ! The most exciting thing is that my babe is going KOREA too. YAY! See you in Korea GLADYS ♥... Lets dance GANGNAM STYLE in Korea yo!!! Whee~ 

Safe Flight Smiley =) Enjoy! >.^

OH! Anyway, I changed my hairstyle!!! like FINALLY!! I look older and mature with curly hair. Well, its okay. I just want to try something new but still, I dislike my fringe. =.=. arghh. It should be longer by the time I reach Taiwan. *pray hard*

Decided to make a change... YAY! ^.^

Will update more when I come back from KOREA!!!

한국 HERE I COME!!! 안녕!!! ^.^

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Smiley in the house =)

Smiley in the house yo! =)

Time flies...

In the blink of an eye, Foundation ended, Degree Sem 1 ended...
and I'm flying to Taiwan real soon... very soon...

I dare not count how many days left...

I dare not look at the calendar on my wall...
I just want to enjoy every moment...
with my family... with my friends... with animals? 
(definitely not dogs - smiley = dog phobia)

Everybody has been asking me the same thing, Why Taiwan?

Smiley: Because I think Taiwan not bad? haha. 
Friend: I thought you like Korea? Why not Korea? 
Smiley: Hmmm... good point there. Because I don't know how to speak Korean? LOL.
Yeap. Why Taiwan? Some of you might think, isn't Malaysia University better than Taiwan University? They use chinese in their education system. It might be very hard for you in the future. I heard comments like these. Some people even gave me the =.= face "why the hell you choose Taiwan?".

I have my own reasons to go there and I did get some opinions from lecturer too. Well, I don't think I have the needs to clarify my reasons here. There is a thing call freedom of choice yo. Its my own choice. =). Thanks for your concerns anyway. I appreciate it. =).

Lets change topic. XD. 

This is actually my second blog. I want to make a new one because I crap too much on my first blog. =.=. My secondary school memories were all written down. But I got lazy and abandoned it for quite some time. =P. So yeah. ^^. New blog? New start? ^^.

I decided to blog again because I want to write down all my memories here. I scared one day I might get brain damage, or lose all my memories, or anything bad that might happen to me (think too much xD). At least I have this blog to refresh my memory? But then hor... if I lost memories, I cant even remember the existence of this blog right? I won't even remember my password? my blog link? and what-so-ever. =.=! Just IGNORE me. ^^.

I want to write down everything in my life... 

My memories in Malaysia... in Taiwan...
I might not update from time to time...
but I will try my best to write down everything I can remember... =)

Like yesterday, I had a weird dream but it was a beautiful one. I think I have the need to write this down because I never had that kind of feeling in real life before, I felt it in my dream instead. I don't really know how to put it in words, it's like "telling someone why you love them is like explaining what water tatstes like." Yeah, something like that. I really wish to stay in that dream forever but I forced myself to wake up. HAHA. Because I know that was just a dream

I will wait for that day, the day when my dream comes true. =)

Recorded a dance cover with Glayds and Wenyi yesterday. Although we are not professional dancers but we had so much fun doing it. At that moment, I really wish to stay in Malaysia, so I can have more time to spend with my friends, my family. But life goes on, we have to move on in life for our future. 

Wish all the best to you and me. =). 화이팅!!! 

나 혼자 ♥ girls in black