Thursday, 23 August 2012

한국 HERE I COME! =)

I know I should be sleeping right now. ><. But my blogging mode = ON, so ended up sitting here updating ma bloggie. XD.

YAY! Going KOREA later. Have to reach airport before 8am... which means I have to take 5.30am sky bus to LCCT. =.=. And... it's 2.30am now. *congrats smiley. ^^* tak perlu tidur sudah... =)

Not following tour trip this time, backpack travel with friends. Its gonna be FUN ! The most exciting thing is that my babe is going KOREA too. YAY! See you in Korea GLADYS ♥... Lets dance GANGNAM STYLE in Korea yo!!! Whee~ 

Safe Flight Smiley =) Enjoy! >.^

OH! Anyway, I changed my hairstyle!!! like FINALLY!! I look older and mature with curly hair. Well, its okay. I just want to try something new but still, I dislike my fringe. =.=. arghh. It should be longer by the time I reach Taiwan. *pray hard*

Decided to make a change... YAY! ^.^

Will update more when I come back from KOREA!!!

한국 HERE I COME!!! 안녕!!! ^.^

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