Friday, 1 March 2013

I will be back, Malaysia. =)

Oh well, actually I'm quite active these days.
*cheers for me* *champagne* *fireworks*

Okay. enough of that. So yeah.

I'm flying back to Taiwan tomorrow.  

Don't feel like going back. Its like I just came back yesterday, and I'm going back today. Time flies~ 
but isn't it too fast? =(

When I was young, I wish to grow up faster.
When I'm a grown up, I wish to stay young forever. 

We'll never feel satisfied with what we have. Our desire... Our dreams... Our... 
Okay. I'm just crapping. 

Yevon, please remember why you choose to go Taiwan at the first place. 
Where is your determination? Please hold on till the end... until you get what you want. 

Although I miss my family very much, I miss my friends, I miss everything here in Malaysia. 
But life goes on. Tik tok tik tok... 
"Time" is working all the time, "Time" will never wait for you. 
Do everything before it's all too late... and...

do what your heart tells you... 

I don't want to say goodbye... because I know we will meet again... 
I will be back again... in another 4 months...
Remember, time flies? Phew~ 4 months~ =)


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